Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Challenge

I'm a pacifist and an atheist. I believe that murder, a taking away a person's only opportunity at existence, is immoral. I believe war is mass murder and as such one a great evil.

Still, war has been the greatest driver of technological advancement. Having to fight or die makes the species stronger and smarter. Wouldn't it be an even greater immorality to let humanity decline to morons living a soft life in a world of morons?

So I'll be out culling the herd. It's for the benefit of everyone. Are you strong enough and smart enough to stop me?

All the World

According to physics the past, present and future all exist simultaneously. The flow of time is an illusion.The future is predestined.

Shakespeare said all the world is a stage. He wasn't wrong. What we call "now" is just the flickering of a projector.

In the future, physicists will devise technologies to see through the veil. We will know everything and be unable to change anything. Humanity will understand it's place in the universe.

Everybody wants to be a star. Most are destined to be supporting players.

We are an important part of the universe's story. We're the red shirts.