Thursday, November 12, 2009

The World's Most Trusted Company

“Mega-Buncha-Cruncha Bar, Mega-Buncha-Cruncha Bar”

Harry can't get the advertising ditty out of his head. At the counter, he's relieved to see that all the Mega-Buncha-Cruncha bars are sold out, because they do taste like stale dog shit.

With the enormous success of the Mega-Buncha-Cruncha Bar campaign, demand for the services of Psyonics Control Advertising goes ballistic. Flush with funds, Psyonics buys a controlling interest in Muzak and begins purchasing local media outlets.

It's a radical concept to privatize a government, but there's huge public support for the buyout of the United States by Psyonics Corporation, the world's most trusted company.

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